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10 Tips to keep your car as new as ever

Do you want to make your car new as ever. Just follow this tips
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1. Keep your car sunrays-free. Park the car in a garage or a cover, where outer body is not directly exposed to sun. Also avoid parking your car under a tree due to bird droppings tree sap.

2. Drive smart and don’t be a show off. Your driving attitude will be responsible for your car’s life as well as fuel. Good driving will not just avoid wear and tear but also your fuel. Accelerating fast and applying brakes suddenly will have bad effect on your car’s engine, brakes and other components related.

3. Always keep the outer part body of your vehicle shining by maintaining a scheduled waxing and wash and even the interiors for that matter. Keep it clean and clean-smelling and make in use car vacuum to suck out the dust from them. If such issues are ignored you will later on find it difficult to remove them.

4. Even if the car manual has made a schedule to be maintained, it may not be followed by everyone since most people are least bothered. So another advantage of a good mechanic or a repair shop is that they will keep a check that you follow your schedule properly and care for things which might not be included in the manual itself. They also have electronic records which help them know when your car was last serviced , so don’t keep on changing the repair shops as a new repair guy won’t know the last time you had made any modification with the car and you also may end up paying for needless repairs. It will be your own benefit if you maintain a healthy relationship with a single repair shop who will act as a good advisor too.

5. Make sure you know a good and knowledgeable mechanic of any car repair shop who would service your car every time your car requires one. Since modern day drivers are not good with repairs it pays to know a very good mechanic who will improve your ride.


6. Before you sit in your car and leave for work, make sure you walk around your car and take a look from all sides and inspect all parts of it properly. Check whether tires are proper; check the pipes under the hood and all whether all the lights are working properly. It only takes up 2-3 minutes to inspect your car which doesn’t consume much of your time.

7. Some people are too lazy to even check their oil pressure, tire pressure or even cooling system manually and simply ignore these crucial maintenance procedures. That is why car manufacturers have incorporated features which give you a clear sign when there’s an issue with the engine or any other component. So make sure you keep a regular track of it and pay attention to these.

8. Coolant” as the name suggests refers to cooling. It’s a cooling system and to maintain exact coolant level is the first priority. A flawed cooling system can literally make your car engine ‘sweat’ and you can end up facing severe issues. So remember to always get your car checked up for coolant levels.


9. Most of the time people end up maintaining their car’s engine and little realize that proper tires pressure is equally important. Improper inflation pressure can result in tire burst and bad fuel economy too. Keep your tires pressure equal to what is mentioned by the maker of the car and the best part is that it costs almost nothing! Free Service.

10. Always treat your car like a pair of new sneaker shoes which you use judiciously to avoid wear and tear, and just like that driving smoothly can help to reduce the wear and tear on the engine. Slowing down when you are about to hit potholes or big bumps from speed breakers, taking proper U-turns will improve your car’s performance. Rash driving results in application of more stress on the components of the car and with passage of time, this will surely burn a big hole through your pocket. So be good to your engine, and will be good to you.

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