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Bikers stomped on SUV driver

Maybe I’m a bit late of posting the video of gang of bikers that beating an SUV driver last weekend used their helmets to attack him and his family.

Bikers stomped on SUV driver story

The SUV driver, Lien was on his way in his Range Rover from outing to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife and their 2 year old daughter. In his driving at Manhattan’s West Side Highway there’s a dozen bikers and one of them quickly slowed don in front of him who bumped its rear tire, slightly injuring rider Christopher Cruz.

He tried to stop but there’s angry bikers surrounded his vehicle, hitting it and spiking its tires. As Lien feared of his family safety, he stepped on the gas and plowing into three more bikers including Mieses who was critically injured.

The gang chased and as the Range Rover stopping at a later point the one of them got off his motorcycle and opened Lien’s door.One of biker smashed the driver’s side window with his helmet. Afterward, some of the bikers dragged Lien from the vehicle and beat him. His wife and daughter were unharmed.

Source :- Edition CNN

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