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Evade AES using license plates

Are you scared of AES? As we know, there’s more debate on this Automated Enforcement System (AES) that make many people get summon. There’s device of Taiwan made billed as a ‘burglar-proof license plate’. The device obscures a vehicle’s front and back number plates or either one at the press of a button. Driver will activate the plate when they see a warning sign of a speed trap camera.
A black fabric scrolls down to cover the plate like a simpler version of the revolving number plates on the Aston Martin DB5 used in James Bond’s movie. The gadget cost only RM400 and simple to install in and become a hot selling item with the enforcement of the AES. It also being marketed via facebook.
Before you google or find it, do you think the plate is legal?? Only a dumb people believe it is legal. Selangor Road Transport Department said covering the number plate was an offence under the Road Transport Act 1987.

“Offenders can be summoned and ordered to remove them. It is an offence if the plates are partially covered and even if the size of the letters or numbers are changed and cannot be seen clearly.
“If caught, offenders will have to remove the gadget and bring the vehicle for inspection within a stipulated time,” said Selangor Road Transport Department public relations officer Ahmad Awang.

Source :- Star-Motoring

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