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F1 qualifying Australian GP halted

The first qualifying session of the F1 Australian GP halted because of the wind and rain blowing through the paddock at Albert Park on Saturday evening.
The delayed means that the remaining 16 drivers will return to the circuit on Sunday morning for Q2 and Q3. This situation also happen in 2010 in Suzuka when the entire qualifying session was delayed until the morning of the race.
In Q1, Lewis Hamilton came off and damaged his car while Pastor Maldonado and Esteban Gutierres also have problem for their car. Jenson Button said ‘ They made the right decision today. When it gets too wet for there tyres it doesn’t matter what speed you drive around, you will aquaplane. ”
“The tyre cannot take that amount of water, especially when there is a river running across the middle of the circuit. You don’t know where it is when you arrive, When it is that wet out there, there is no difference between the rivers and the circuit; it is just one big lake. And when you hit a river you are completely out of control. You might as well just take your hands off the steering wheel because it does what it wants. “That is not what Formula One racing is about. It is about a guy trying to tame a 750 horse power Formula One car, but in conditions where he can possibly tame it. In this, we are not in control of the situations. “You can say 30 years ago that they probably would have raced in these conditions, but safety has come a long way in terms of the circuits and the way that we view safety. And I am very happy to be racing at this moment in time because it is correct to not run today. The fans will get a much better show tomorrow than if we had tried to run in these conditions.”

Button was eighth in Q1 four places behind his team-mate Sergio Perez.The best time before the bad condition was Nico Rosberg.

Source :- Guardian
It’s not good start for this season but hopefully there’s no bad situation happen tomorrow. I want to see more drama this year. Can anybody overtake Sebastian Vettel this year or will he continue to win and become legend?

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