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First Batmobile inspired car for sale on Ebay

The original Batmobile that was built for the 1960’s TV show was sold for $4.2 million at the Barret Jackson collector car auction in Scottsdale, AZ. But was it really the first car of the icon? One of creation built in the early 1960’s by Forrest Robinson who’d been skething ideas for a real life Batmobile were constructred on a 1950’s Oldsmobile chasis, the fiberglass creation features quad headlights around a nostrill style grille, a pair of low, horizontal tailfins and doors that slide into the rear fenders to open.
The car completed in 1963 before the original car that being sold at the Barret Jackson built by George Harris in 1965. This car has been used as a daily driver by Forrest Robinson and his wife. The rep for the All Star Dairy cooperative which was launching a line of Batman themed ice cream and drink products came across the car and offered to rent it for promotional use. Robinson agree with the offer and the car spent the next two years touring the east coast with the All Star team. Robinson then sold it to a friend in 1967.
Unfortunately, the new owner didn’t maintain the car and it changed hands a couple of more times before Albright found it in Chicage.
The chassis and running gear have seen better days and the body is awful but the straifht and ripe is still in good condition. The car is currently listed on Ebay for $19,800 and the auction ends this Friday.
Look at the car and think before you buy it..
The original


Source :- FoxNews

Do you want to buy this junk? Only if you are millionaire like Jay Leno..

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