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Found Plutus Test Drive

Hello.. Have you heard a vehicle called ‘Plutus‘ ? If yes, then you are really have a great knowledge about vehicle than me. I just found this vehicle being test drive at Ayer Keroh road this week.


Honestly I’ven’t heard about this vehicle before so I try to find some information about this 4×4 vehicle. As I search in the internet, I’ve found that this Plutus is made by Liaoning Shuguang Automotive Groupand brought to Malaysia by China Auto Manufacturers(CAM), a member of the Sendok Group.
This vehicle comes in 4×2 and 4×4 driving type with comfortable luxury sedan interior and enhanced brake system (ABS+EBD). It utilizes Isuzu’s 4JBT Turbo Euro II Engine technology and a rigid durable SUV chasis.
The load size is about 1.4 m3 than can hold up to 1 metric tonne and providing 30% more carrying space compared to other pickup.
It is manual 5 speed transmission, single dry plate, fully synchronized, hydraulic pressure operated.
It features Euro II engine, active safety features and 2 years of 60,000 km warranty.

Source :- Sendok Group

Hm. I dunno if this vehicle is great or not as it’s not enough information in the net.

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