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GM powers up new Corvette V8 powerplant

GM has revealed their next generation of V8 powerplant on their 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. It could make this car get more horsepower, more torque and better fuel economy. The .2 litre LT1 V8 will represent in the small block’s with the addition of several new technology.
The engine features direct injection, fuel management cylinder shut down technology and continuously varibale valve timing (CVVT). GM expects the engine could deliver 335kW and 610Nm as the most powerful standard Corvette ever that could run 0-100km/h in less than four seconds.
It also become the most fuel efficient version of the classic car ever. The latest technology will come with new advanced combustion system that incorporates a new cylinder head design and a new, sculpted piston design.
Source :- CarAdvice

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One thought on “GM powers up new Corvette V8 powerplant

  1. lt1boy,”In any case, you’re simply spoiled if you think a 450 hp car that achieves 26 mpg is a disappointment.”I am not spoiled. It’s a good achievement for a V8 but for “any particular” type of car engine it’s nothing special.The outgoing Porsche 911 Turbo S delivers 530 hp from a TT 3.8-Litre and needs only 2.7 seconds to pop off 60 mph, meaning that, as far as production vehicles go, only the Veyron (and Veyron Super Sport) is any quicker. That engine gets 25 mpg! NOW that’s impressive. Of course I realize that Chevy had to stay with a V8 for this generation as it is what defines the Corvette for the time being. My main point is, and I still stand by it, that the improvements in the V8 are leveling off drastically. Compared to the current V8 engine, they barely bumped it up 14 hp and 22 lb. That likely means in 9-10 years when the next Vette comes out, they’ll probably need to drop the 6.0 litre V8 entirely to keep up with the times. I can see this being the last traditional V8 Corvette as they are unable to increase power much more or improve the fuel economy despite 7 speed manual with a very tall 7th gear and direct injection, etc. gmgeorge,The reason everyone ends the article about a Corvette talking about its interior is because it is unacceptable for a $50K car. Remember that the Vette scales all the way up to a ZR1 level that costs more than $110K and it still has the same interior. The current Corvette has worse interior than a VW Golf.

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