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How to Determine the Estimate Value of Your Car

At some point of time in your life, you may consider to determine the estimate value of your used car. But as a common person, you may not be able to do so appropriately. You may wish to go to some dealer or to an auction for this purpose. However, you can determine the estimated value of your car even by sitting at your home. It can be done by following some simple steps. You just have to do all this step by step and you would automatically get the estimated value for your car.

Model of the car – To determine accurate estimate value of your car, first of all you need to take into consideration the make and model of your car. It is because the value of a car varies according to the make and model. As an instance, Ferraris are more expensive as compared to Kias. Similarly, the resale value of Hondas and Toyotas is more as these models are recognized for their consistency which lasts up to 200,000 miles. So you can guess the estimate value of your car according to the model possessed by you.


Age – The next factor in determining the estimate value of a car is its age. It is because the value of a car starts decreasing as soon as it exits from the lot of the dealer. Therefore, this rule can be applied to your car as well. If your car is old enough then its value is surely going to decrease a lot and vice-versa. However, this rule may not hold true for classic models due to their less availability.

Condition of the car – While determining the estimate value of a car; the condition of the car including its accident history, maintenance and required repairs must also be taken into consideration. A used car which is in good condition according to the certified maintenance records of the dealer would be valued more than a similar car which has undergone frequent repairs or oil changes in a specific time period. The value of a car decreases if it has happened to meet with some accidents due to which its body get damaged. Therefore, if your car is in good condition it would cost more or otherwise.

Mileage – It is another important factor which helps in determining the estimate value of a car. A car would definitely cost more if it has lower original mileage. It is because a lower mileage means the car would have undergone lesser wear and tear during its lifetime. For example, a car with less than 10,000 miles would cost more as compared to a mileage of 25,000 miles covered by the same car.

Comparison shop – You may also determine the estimated value of your car by comparing it with other cars of the similar model and condition at a car dealer shop in your area. You can ask the dealer for their prices and then compare it with your car’s price. It will help you to decide if you are estimating a true value for your car.

So it is clear that by taking above points into consideration, you can estimate a valid estimate value for your car. For more information,  please visit at http://www.glass.co.uk

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