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How to paint a car

Paint a car ain’t easy task. You need to learn and practice to become perfect. It is important to be concentrate and patience. In this entry, let’s learn on how to paint a car :-

1.  First, wash your cap with soap and water to remove all dirt on the body.
2.  If there’s the dirt that can’t remove, try using a wax/grease remover. You also can use mineral spirits or liquid charcoal.
3.  Use sandpaper and rub it through the rough areas,
4.  Discharge the static charge from car’s body by joining the chasis frame with any grounded object using a wire.
5.  Cover the parts of the unpainted part using masking tape. It must be done carefully,
6.  Paint the primer on the entire surface and scrub carefully with sandpaper.
7.  Make sure you used the paint that recommend for your car only. Use a spray gun to the base coat. Wait for twenty minutes to ensure the paint is dry.
8. Apply the final coat and wait about thirty minutes.
9. The last steps is apply three color coats/ And let each clear coat dry for around fourteen minutes

Watch this cool video on how to paint a car.

That’s all for today. Hope you can do it at home.

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