Hyundai Atos

This car might be not the new car since this car has entered the market since 2005. But when I take a walk on the road, it seems that this car might be one of the popular small city car that had been driven by the citizens of Malaysia. Maybe the small size of this car attract the people especially women to drive this car on the crowded road. In addition, this car remembers me about a friend that drive this compact car.
The Hyundai Atos use the 1.1L inline 4-cylinders engine that is located at the front in transverse position. This engine is assisted by the OHC, 3 valves per cylinder valvetrain and fuel injection system. This Hyundai Atos produce the maximum power of 58 hp (43 kW) @ 5450 RPM and maximum torque of 61.2 lbs.ft (83 N.m) @ 2850 RPM. This power transferred by the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission and the front wheel drive layout.

The performance on the road might not impress you all but I think the performance is just enough for this engine size and the purpose of this car. The top speed of the Hyundai Atos is 90.7 mph (146 kph) and the acceleration 0-100 kph is estimated at 15.8 seconds. Not good but suitable for a small city car.

This small car’s target market is the career women that work in a crowded city. So, the suspension system must provide the maximum comfort to the passenger. The McPherson strut suspension has been used for the front suspension due to the comfort and low cost. For the rear, the torsion beam axle has been used as the suspension system. Also, the power assisted rack and pinion steering has been used to provide easiness when handling the car. Enough with review, let’s look at whether the images below can attract you to buy this car.



This is the old post (written on May 21, 2009) that I’ve recycled again. I think Hyundai ‘ATOS’ is the worst Hyundai car I’ve ever seen.. Sorry, if you drive it. 

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