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Mandatory install air bag for new car

Starting next year, all new vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles are required to install air bags for safety. Malaysia Transport Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha said the move was aimed at avoiding the higher risks, including death of the driver or passengers involved in road accidents.
– Kosmo.

. Let’s read the function of airbags :-

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Airbags are the component to protect driver from the impact occur from steering wheel or windshield during a collision. There’s many technology being used to ensure the airbags function such as sensor, design and chemical technology.
An airbags must deploy in a matter of milisecond from intial collision. It is to prevented impact from the collision. The sensor will detect the head on collison and immediately trigger the airbag’s deployment.

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It is a good law to reduce death accident. All of latest car will built airbags in the car. Will it increase the price of car? I think it will effect the price but dunno whether the increase is high or small..

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