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What is the first impression when you hear about Mazda RX-7? For the people familiar with internal combustion engine, maybe can get what I want to talk about. For those who watching anime or reading manga Initial D maybe familiar with the word rotary engine that always mention by the characters inside the cartoon. Rotary engine is mentioned to the engine using by Mazda RX-7 that was driven by Takahashi brothers, either FC or FD. I like to share about this rotary or Wankel engine but better if I post about the rotary engine and how it different from piston engine for the upcoming post. For introduction, just take a look at the rotary engine below:

Mazda is well-known for using this rotary engine in their cars instead of conventional piston-engine. RX-7 had been launched as early as 1979. This first generation of RX-7 had been known by the label SA/FB. The second generation then known by FC and the third generation known by FD. I like to review the latest RX-7 known by FD.

Mazda RX7
The latest version of FD using the 1.3 L 13B twin rotor engine. Yes, 1.3 L engine! Do you ever see a race car with engine below 2.0 L? I don’t think so. But with the technology of Wankel engine, the 1.3 L can compete with Lancer Evolution or even Skyline GT-R. The 1.3 L Wankel engine produce the power as high as 280 hp @ 6500 rpm and torque 231 lbs.ft @ 5000 rpm. Incredible right? But the engine also assisted by the turbocharger installed under the hood. This incredible amount of power transferred by the 5-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive configuration.

We had witnessed how the small engine producing the high power but how about the value that all the drivers want to know about a car? In a record, Mazda RX-7 FD’s top speed is 156 mph while the acceleration 0-60 mph is 4.8 seconds! No wonder RX-7 still be the main rival for Skyline GT-R and Lancer Evolution. If performance is not enough, take a look at the shape of FD.

Interested in rotary engine and Mazda RX-7? Want to know more? Check my source below:

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