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Nitrous Oxide

Some of you might just wonder why I put this title in this blog because nitrous oxide is like a chemical topic. But if I said NOS, almost all of car’s fans know what is NOS. If not, you need to read the article untill the end. The terms had been fully exploited in racing car’s movie like Fast and Furious and also in the popular game Need For Speed. So, what is the relation between nitrous oxide and NOS?

Basically, NOS is only the acronyms for Nitrous Oxide System, the biggest manufacturer of automotive nitrous oxide injection system. The function of nitrous oxide in automotive is to simply boost the power of the car in a matter of time.

Combustion in engine is occurred because a mixture of oxygen and fuel burned by the ignition of spark plug in combustion chamber. When the nitrous oxide is injected in intake system, the nitrous oxide break down into nitrogen and oxygen. The oxygen then will mix with the air fuel mixture and to be easy to explain, more oxygen = more fuel = more power.

If the oxygen has the function, so what is the function of nitrogen? Before, we know that the adding of oxygen from nitrous oxide will increase the combustion in the engine, so the probability of engine blown because of very high temperature is high. So, the needing of an element to absorb the heat and it is the nitrogen from the nitrous oxide. Also, with the cooling engine, basically the power of the engine will increase.


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Watch this video on how to install Nitrous Oxide kit

p/s :- Get expertise if you want to install nitrous oxide. It is dangerous.

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