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Shocking Fuel Prices from Around the World

Sticker shock at the gas pump is part of daily life for most Americans these days. With extremely volatile oil prices, comes gas prices that change daily. You can buy gas for less than $3 one day and the next day, the price is over $4 per gallon. Where you live can also affect the cost of gas. Some states pay significantly less per gallon than others.


Even though gas prices are painful, there are actually many places in the world where fuel prices are much higher (and much lower) than the United States. Take a look at some of the most expensive and cheapest places to buy gas in the world, and why.


 Most expensive: Norway

Europe has some of the most expensive gas in the world. However, the most expensive gas can be found in Norway, where prices are often above $10 per gallon. Strikes, environmental concerns, and lack of government subsidies on fuel prices keep Norwegian fuel prices high.

Cheapest: Russia

The cheapest gas in Europe comes from Russia. As of 2013, the cost of fuel per gallon is somewhere just under $4 per gallon. The reason gas is less expensive in Russia is due to the huge amount of oil they produce in-country. Russia does not have to pay import fees or other fees to purchase gas from other countries.



Most expensive: New Zealand

New Zealand has high gas prices due to their remote location. New Zealanders also place a large emphasis on keeping a clean environment, which leads to higher taxes and costs for traditional fossil fuels. 2013 gas prices are just over $6.50 per gallon, slightly higher than Australia.

Cheapest: Australia

Australia has steep gas prices compared to many countries in the world. In early 2013, the average gas price per gallon was around $6.50. The country just went through an economic downturn, which actually lowered the gas prices from previous years.


North America

Most expensive: Canada

Canada has the highest-priced gas in North America, with the price for gallon just under $5.50. High gas taxes (up to 38 percent) drive the cost up, even though Canada produces a large amount of fuel in-country.

Cheapest: South Carolina

Rural South Carolina has the cheapest gas in North America. As of 2013, the average fuel price is just over $2.80 per gallon, 20-50 cents less than most other places in the United States. This is due to the high demand for gas in South Carolina.


Middle East – Asia


Most expensive: Israel

Israel has fuel prices hovering just below $9.50 per gallon. Although they are surrounded by oil-producing countries, a 50 percent gas tax rate keeps the price high.

Least expensive: Taiwan

Taiwan has some of the cheapest gas in Asia. 2013 prices are listed at about $2.85 per gallon. This reduced fuel cost is due to government regulation, a high number of drivers, and lower gas taxes.


South America

 Most expensive: Brazil

Brazil has gas prices of nearly $7 per gallon. The high cost of traditional gasoline is due to the country’s high production of ethanol fuels, which are cheaper. Most Brazil vehicles

can run on traditional gasoline or ethanol.

Cheapest: Venezuela

Venezuela has the least expensive gas in the world. In 2013, the average cost per gallon was about 10 cents. The low prices are due to government subsidies on fuel costs.



 Most expensive: South Africa

The most expensive gas in Africa is in South Africa, where prices hover around $5.30 per gallon.

Cheapest: Egypt

Egypt has the cheapest gas in Africa, with a cost of just over $1 per gallon. This is due to in-country oil drilling and high demand.

Fuel prices vary greatly around the world. Government involvement largely influences the cost of gas, as does the production of oil in-country. These factors combined with demand influence the cost of fuel in each country.

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