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Spare Tire : How Far Can You Drive ?

Most of us have a spare tire on the car bonet. It is an emergency usage to replace flat tire indefinitely.

Not all spare tires are created equal and some of them just for temporary usage. You need to check your vehicle owner’s manual to know about the tire. The spare tires usually don’t have nearly the lifespan of a regular tire. Compare to a normal tire the spare tire can have just one layer of polyester in the sidewall and two belts of steel with a layer of polyester in the tread.

Types of Spare Tire

spare tire

There are type of spare tires such as :-

Donuts/Space Savers


  • This type of spare tires are usually called donuts or space savers. They’re popular choice since they’re lightweight and don’t take up a lot of room in the cargo space of a vehicle. But this type of tire has missing durability and stability. Most of these type of spare tires have limited top speed of 55mph. It is enough for you to find a mechanic who can patch up your flat, or a tire shop where you can replace the punctured tire.

Full Size Spare Tires


  • This type of tires is much longer than the donut or space saver types of tires but it can’t replace current tires. It may use a different tread make-up or a different kind of rubber compound than the rest of your tires. This can affect overall handling and safety on the road.

It is important to have a spare tires as we don’t know the incident happen next. Maybe the tire is in good condition but it could punctured suddenly if there’s a bad condition on the road. Always prepare a spare tire before driving especially in long journey.

Remember, your car’s tires are the only thing connecting you and your family to the road, so don’t gamble on safety.

Source :- AUtoGuide

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