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Timing belt or timing chain

One of my friend ask me about my car’s mileage. He said that I need to check belting because it need to change after 80K mileage. I dunno what is belting and after I’ve search through internet my assumption is, maybe he refers to timing belt (am I right or there’s a belting in a car?).
There’s a 2 type of timing whether it is timing chain or timing belt. The function is same but the material is differnet.
This is the picture of timing chain and timing belt
timing belt
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Timing Belt

timing chain
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Timing Chain

Timing Chain and Timing Belt Picture Credit to Manma90

If you look at the pictures, it look the same but timing chain look like the bicycle/motorcycle chain while timing belt using a rubber as their platform.
Which one is better, timing belt or timing chain ( that what I’ve think)? And this is some of the answer :-

1. Belt has very less noise compared to chains. But snapped belt can lead to catastrophic damage in the engine. Most modern cars have belts. (Belt)
2. Chain has longer life, but replacement is expensive. Many modern engines have timing chains now instead of belts. (chain)
3. Adv/Disadv:

Timing chain’s + point: Typically lasts an engine lifetime
Timing chain’s -ves : Less efficient, noisier, more expensive than a timing belt.

Advantages of timing belt: Less flexing resulting in better camshaft timing/efficiency.
Timing belt’s disadvantages: Needs to be replaced at specified intervals.
Source :- TeamBhp

So, I dunno which one is better but from the opinion I though maybe belt is the better selection. Am I right?
What about your opinion? Do you prefer timing belt or timing chain? Give your reason ..

p/s :- I’m research whether MyVi 1.3 using timing belt or chain? Anybody can give confirmation? ( I found that MyVi using timing chain and belting for aircond.. Still need confirmation..

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