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Toyota Camry still remain America’s best selling car

Toyota’s Camry has been no 1 America’s best selling for more than a decade but now, it is stretching to keep it there with offer such as price cuts, rebates and lease deals.
Camry sales fell 2 percent from January through June while the rival such as Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion increased in sales. The Accord trailed Camry in sales by 21,000 at the end of June. Last year gap at Jun was 59,000 unit.

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To compete, Toyota has raised discounts and cut the price in an effort to keep it on top. In early July, Camry’s average sales price was the lowest of the nine top-selling midsize cars and the discounts were among the highest in the segment, according to data from J.D Power and Associates.
In June, Toyota sold 207,626 Camrys while Accord 186,860, Fusion 161,146. Toyota is happy with the top position in the market and it will continue to promote the car’s quality and realibility. It normally sells more than 30,000 of the cars per month and sales nearly hit 40,000 in May.

Source :- New York Daily

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