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What is Gasket ?

As my car still in the workshop, I think it is better for me to learn about some of the part in engine especially the part that make problem to my car. Not just for me, you also can learn and share something.
For this entry, I want to learn about gasket and share about it.



Gasket is a thin round materials between 2 faces or falanges and so on espicialy for sealing between pipes and pumps.

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Gasket is important to seal from leak.For example, your car’s thermostat is kept in the thermostat housing and is joined the engine with nuts and bolts. The thermostat could leak if it weren’t for the gasket placed between the housing and the engine.
Since the gasket is made of softer material,it allows the nuts and bolts to be tightened sufficiently to prevent a leak. Without gasket, the junction of the two metal surfaces would certainly leak coolant or the parts would crack as they were over tightened.

Not just prevent engine fluids from leaking, it also prevent air, exhaust fumes, rain water and noise from escaping.

( TheCarConnection )

Symptoms of damage head gasket

1. Foaming
2. Bubbling
3. Gargling – all of these 3 will occur in the radiator
4. Rapid pressure buildup in the cooling system before the engine has warmed up

There’s also sign that the head gasket has blown such as :-

1. White smoke coming from the tailpipe
2. Oil in the coolant
3. Cylinder pressure low when using both the wet or the dry compression method

If you encountering any of these problem, you might need to consider replacing the head gasket because there’s a chances that your oxygen sensor may have been poisoned at the same time and you will then definitely see the trouble arise.

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Gaskets are commonly produced by cutting from sheet materials, such as rubber, gasket paper, silicone, metal, felt, cork, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass or a plastic polymer

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Video on how to tell if your head gasket is blown

p/s :- Hm.. I learn a lot about gasket after writing this entry. Need to check it regularly

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